Live: The Magic Happens

It’s not every day that something happens for the FIRST TIME EVER on my blog, but today is different.

We all know Beth, the blogger,  from Writer B is Me. We know Beth Teliho the author of The Order of Seven (which is live today), but only one of us (it’s me) knows Beth in real life.

Since I can’t give her to you, I’m giving you the next best thing. My treat for you today is as close to that as I can get.

We had a conversation. It took lots of convincing. When I said to her, “Beth, the magic happens outside of your comfort zone,” she finally agreed.

For the first time, you get to hear her and see her, and she’s reading an excerpt from her book. To you.

You’re welcome.

Listen, ingest the words. Like little blue pills, they will affect you.

Meet, the one and only (drum roll) Beth Teliho.

Applause. Applause. Applause.

If you still need more convincing, don’t take Beth’s word for it, take mine. Here’s my review of The Order of Seven:

Rich in description, this book takes your imagination on a sensual journey allowing you to see, taste, hear, and feel the plot. It’s hard to believe this is Beth Teliho’s FIRST novel. When I came to the line in the introduction: “But there’s another reason we want to explore our roots: our paranormal abilities,” I was hooked. I sat leaning over my kindle devouring each enticing word from this talented new writer. Normally a book with such detail would become mundane and boring, but the writing drew me in and didn’t let me stop until the very last word, and when I read that word, I sighed because I didn’t want it to end.

She gave me history, archaeology, fantasy, romance, suspense, and wonder all wrapped in a beautifully told story that spans across Texas, Oklahoma, Peru, and Africa (with sprinkles of other cultures as well). The intense research that must have gone into this novel along with the real and believable characters kept me hungry for more, and the ending…well, no spoilers.

Devi is a strong lead female character who’s still strikingly delicate. Sometimes she is angry and hostile but other times, she shows such endearing empathy. I liked her because she is real and natural, and I found myself cheering in her corner more than once. Plus, she has a little feisty in her. Who doesn’t love a girl who says what she thinks sometimes?

Then there’s Baron, just another book boyfriend to add to my list. Tall, dark, handsome…and not at all in the cliche way. He’s kind and warm but bold and sexy, with tattoos and a beard. Hold on while I wipe up my drool. Oh, and he’s basically a superhero…no big deal.

The remaining characters are alive and believable and come to life on the page. As I escaped into this luscious story, I felt like I was one of them.

If it were possible, I would rate this SEVEN GIANT STARS, a great read that spans across multiple genres. One click this. You won’t be disappointed

So….Are you as pissed at Beth as I am that she looks eighteen? Have you bought the book yet? What are you waiting for? Go. Buy it now!!!  And read it, and come tell me how much you love it, too!

76 thoughts on “Live: The Magic Happens

  1. Love this! And why does Beth look 18? Is it magic? Is it some Dorian Gray evil thing? Does it have something to do with Texas? Such a mystery!
    After following this journey from afar it’s totally inspiring to catch this first writer video. Wonderful!

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    • I have always wanted to be FRIST. And I don’t even know what that means. It sounds sort of dirty actually… like something Robert Maplethorpe would take a photo of… but if all the awesome babes are doing it, I’m in. 😉
      (Who knew having my four-year-old wake me up at 6:45 to wipe her butt would be totally worth it?)

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      • *grins* She did you a HUGE favour – I didn’t get FRIST all day, and this was gonna be my only chance! (I was on lunch break when it published, and then my phone went wicky-wacky and wouldn’t let me open any more posts).

        FRIST is the colloquial (yaknow, I think in context of the Blogosphere, ‘colloquial’ must be thought of in terms of ‘unique to a community’ rather than a location, cos we’re all *somewhere* in the world between the wires…) term for getting the first comment on a blog post. Kind of stakes your claim to it, in a way.

        But yes, it sounds kinda dirty and you can have fun with THAT, too! 😉

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  2. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for following from afar. The blogging community is AMAZING and WONDERFUL and just the BEST.
    and yes, I pay handsomely to a creepy witch to look good on camera and video. In person? I look 80. 🙂

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  3. And just when you think it’s not possible to adore her more…..perfection Beth. Thank you, Mandi for sharing her with us and this outstanding review. I’ve read it, of course, and have ordered my copy. Now I realize I should have ordered ten!

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  4. I didn’t hear any Texan accent. I thought Beth was older and she must be a stick if the camera adds 10 pounds. The book is great, go buy it! Now. What are you waiting for?

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    • SEE? I don’t have a twang.

      Thanks, Mike. You’ve been amazing through all this and I appreciate it! oh and btw, no one has ever referred to me as a stick. The camera was generously angled, trust me on this. 🙂


  5. I’m in Bedford, Beth. I have crazy frizz hair today. And yes, there is a creepy witch in Texas who sells us anti-aging elixirs. But, it only works in bad lighting and video. In the wild we look twice our age. And by the way, she really hates the saying “colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra.” You have been warned.
    Congrats Beth! I can’t wait till it’s my turn. Makes me want to ask creepy witch for a writing spell. 😉

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  6. I was told it would be the nekkid soapy ‘Murican. I was picturing you in a candle lit bubble filled bathtub reading to us… 🙂 You are amazing and you are gorgeous and your voice! I got to hear your voice! Now off to Amazon to leave my glowing review and order 99 more copies. I got 99 problems but a book ain’t one… tee hee hee…

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  7. Here’s the bad news: I was saying your name correctly until you pointed out the silent H. Now it’s always there, mocking me. My plan is never to say your last name out loud at all, ever again.

    The good news is that you have written something so wonderful!!! I was so honored to be given the chance to review it, and I am so very proud of you. Yay!

    Also, you are a hottie. 🙂 Laters.

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  8. Thanks, Mandi for showing us this video! It’s so nice to hear and see you, Beth (even if you are not topless). 🙂 You are just as adorable and smart as I had imagined you to be. So excited for you and your accomplishments. Cannot wait to read the book! 🙂

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  9. Hi Mandi, well, I keep hearing that readers are sad when it’s over. That’s a huge compliment to an author so , congrats Beth on the brilliant reviews! I’m buying this book today! Nice video, Beth. Ha. You do look topless and then you mention the word ‘ho’. You’re my kind of girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • HA! Lisa, you made me laugh. I pretty much always end up either talking about boobs or nudity, so I guess none of that changed doing a video either. My husband just rolled his eyes. hahaha
      I’m excited for you to read it!


  10. I’mma go out on a LIMB and say I think you’re TREEmendously wonderful and talented and gorgeous and I’m so, so happy to have been part of the day when you officially BRANCHed out and became an author, I’m certain you could take the literary world by storm, and I’ll do my level best to BARK on about you and your fabulous book as often as is polite. Fortunately, although all this excitement today has undoubtedly given you writer WOOD, I’m pretty sure you’ll stay ROOTed, cos you’re just that awesome.

    I’ll LEAF now, my BW, but know that I’m SO proud of you – for the book, but especially for the vid. You’ve done beautifully.

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    • *blush* Thanks, Starr. Someone else said I sounded totally different than they imagined. Isn’t funny the image we make of people based on their writing voice and a few photos? Kind of fascinating.


  11. I love the tiny Texas twang in your voice, Beth!! I totally should be a Texan – in fact, maybe I am! I lived in Corpus Christi twice, for four years each – doesn’t that make me nearly a native Texan?

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  12. Yes, Mandi, I am as posed as you that Beth looks eighteen. 😀

    Bethie…love love LOVE seeing you and hearing you read from Oo7!!!!!!

    Congrats again and can’t wait to have time to sit and read at my leisure!

    Xoxo Roby

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