Everything Does NOT Happen For a Reason

I never know what to say when someone loses somebody they love. Whether it’s because of death, a breakup, or even a miscarriage, all I can usually come up with is, “I’m sorry.” And I mean it. I know how it feels to lose someone special, and I know there’s nothing anyone can say to make it better.

I can promise you one thing though. You will never hear me say, “Everything happens for a reason.” Because it doesn’t.

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A Waxing With A Happy Ending

I showered today and put on make-up. I know. Then I waved to my husband and headed out. I had plans to lunch with a girlfriend, but before, I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed.

I drove the one block to my place where I always go, where everybody knows my name. (Cue Cheer’s Theme song.) The girl at the front desk motioned me to go back to the waxing room. She used to walk me back there, but now we’re tight, so she just kind of looked over her shoulder like, “Well, you know the drill.”

I walked into the tiny room, placed my purse on the small folding chair and laid back on the table (noting that the sheet covering it was the same Southwestern pattern as the last time I got my eyebrows waxed and the time before that.) I waited for a few minutes listening to the zen music playing in the background, trying to ignore the potential germs residing on the unwashed sheet before a cute little Asian woman walked in. Continue reading

Are You There God? It’s Me, Mandi

A while back, I got a private message on Facebook from another blogger who I admire and not just because she writes everywhere: Huffington Post, In the Powder Room, and Humor Outcasts, to name a few. No big deal, right? Cue heart palpitations. In the message, she said that she wanted to feature me on her weekly post known as Wacky Wednesday Writer.

Wacky Wednesday

I said, “yes,” of course, so today, I’m over there with the one and only Marcia of Menopausal Mother talking about an incident where, well, the good Lord Himself played a not so very funny joke on me.

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