Mandi Castle

Mandi Castle is an award-winning novelist, reader, freelance writer, and reality TV show watcher. She is obsessed with books, tacos, music, and football and has an addiction to smart funny people. She lives in Dallas where you can often find her having dance parties in her kitchen.

Cellulite Looks Better Tan started as a blog about nothing and turned into a place where she bares both her soul and her sarcasm.

She has published one novel, Dear Stephanie, and is in the process of writing her second which is scheduled for publication some time before the end of the world.

Connect with her on : Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and buy her book Dear Stephanie:  AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks A MillionIndieBound.

If you would like to contact Mandi, please email her at







39 thoughts on “Mandi Castle

    • Thank you just doesn’t suffice. I adore you, but this you know. You are beautiful, and powerful, and amazing. *bows down* I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve your kind word, but I will accept them graciously because girls are cool, and it takes one to know one.


    • Wow, thank you. I’m working on some other posts at the moment, but I will definitely come back and accept this award later (potentially when school is back in session and I have more time.) I am very grateful that you thought of me. I read your blog often.


    • Thanks so much! I love new readers. It’s summer, and I have my kids here constantly interrupting, so I haven’t had a lot of time to repay the reading, but I plan to. I’m pretty much following you everywhere now…I hope to continue to see you around.


      • Sure. I really understand. I also don’t have that much time. Working mom here. But am going to check out your new post later. 🙂


  1. So, what’s the science at work here? I’ve witnessed this phenomena in person, and have noted that it works on my belly fat as well as peoples’ thighs. In June, I’m all Moby Dick, but by July I’m rockin’ a creepy greek tycoon look, sans speedo. A smaller man (ahem) would consider a tanning salon–or that juice that makes folks orange.

    Nice blog, by the way.


    • I may have thought this was spam the first time I read it. Sorry for my late response, but lots of weight loss sites find me and think I’m one of them. It is a strange phenomena. But, just go to a beach at the beginning of the summer when everyone is all white (or red) and then at the end of the summer. You can’t deny it. It looks so much better tan. No tanning salons. They’re bad. And I heard they will kill you.


  2. I am SO embarrassed! I went to read your blog and I’m not a follower? WHAT!??!?! You had me at hello and I didn’t even know I wasn’t signed up for the party.
    Then, when I went to hit “follow” I was like “Crap! I need to explain myself first! She’ll think that I don’t love her and we’ll have the awkward side-hug break up.”
    Sooo…my bad. I’m hitting follow as soon as I ‘post comment’ and then I’ll go eat cupcakes and watch reality tv until I feel better.
    You rock, Mandi – I’m sorry I didn’t catch the “not following” sooner!

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