Well Slap My Ass And Call Me Sassenach

Most of the voices in my head speak with a Scottish accent.

Here’s why…Jamie Fraser, my fictional husband. 

Diana Gabaldon (one of my all time favorite authors) introduced us about six years ago, and we’ve been going strong ever since. Last night, I got to meet him on the big screen when I attended a private preview of the show “Outlander”, which will be out for everyone to see August 9th on Starz. Take a minute to go set your DVR’s. I’ll wait.

My bestie, Nikki and I have been preparing for this television show to come out for, well forever it seems, so when we were given passes to see the preview, there was much celebration. We were just a little bit excited, and then we had to wait. The day of the event dragged. We exchanged a few text messages.

Disclaimer: women can be gross, too.

Disclaimer: women can be gross, too.

Nik and I made plans to meet at 5:00 and then travel to the theater in order to get there early to ensure proper seats with just the right views of flowing kilts. When we reached the parking lot, optimistic me said, “It doesn’t look too bad.” Nikki responded with, “Noway, dude. Every single car in this parking lot holds an Outlander crazy. Or four. We might be screwed.” (Hey, it takes one to know one, right?)

We walked in to find that the line of fans was long but not anything we haven’t experienced. We stood in line for two hours to get Diana Gabaldon’s autograph a couple of months ago, so this was nothing. We entertained ourselves and chatted with the other sassenach want-to-be’s in line, which is typical of what you do when in the company of fellow Outlander addicts.  We discussed when we started the book. How we found it, etc. and listened to the other stories from the people around us.

Waiting in line...only a tiny bit elated

Waiting in line…only a tiny bit elated

Something that you may not know if you’re not a fan of the book (yet) is that once you read Outlander, you tend to become obsessed (that is if you have good taste), and if you’re anything like me, you devour every single book in the series like a hungry lion who stumbles upon a lone gazelle. You might think I’m being over zealous, but that’s only because you haven’t read the book. My friend hasn’t even finished the first one, and yet she recommends it to everyone she knows. It’s that good. Actually, it’s more than that good. It has everything. Love, romance, betrayal, time travel (don’t roll your eyes), suspense, war, witchcraft, brotherhood, bravery, true historical references, a strong female lead character, and did I mention Jamie Fraser? Yeah, well if none of the other stuff grasps you, he will. He grasps me every night in my sleep. Wait…what?

Nikki and I finally made it into the theater to find our seats. We got comfortable on about the fifth row, met Myles, our waiter, who brought us vino and then began part II of the wait. We still had two hours to show time, so we entertained ourselves with lines like this:

Nikki: “My pocket Jamie vibrates.” (See, Outlander fans love him so much, they’ve created a pocket sized Jamie that we can all keep in our purses)

Me: “My vibrator calls me ‘Sassenach.'”

Nikki: “I have your pocket Jamie. Guess where I’m hiding it.”

Me: “Why is my pocket Jamie all wet?”

For two hours we quipped back and forth, and we thought we were hysterical because…wine.

Time Warner Cable hosted the event and offered us raffle tickets as we entered the theater. When the raffle began, we sat on the edge of our seats grasping our little numbered tickets and listened to several numbers called. We reassured each other after each one wasn’t ours because what we wanted were the life size cutouts of a kilted Jamie. Guess who won one?

Four people who weren’t us,  but that’s okay because shortly after the raffle, bagpipes sang through the surround sound speakers, the lights turned down, and it was show time.

The opening credits started,  and I felt my heart fall into my belly. I have wanted to see the characters from my mind come to life on screen for years. I actually teared up a little. This was a much anticipated moment for me, like my wedding day or the days my children were born.  I’m not even slightly exaggerating.

Spoiler alert: you won’t be disappointed. Even if you haven’t read the book, which you should, tune into this show. It was wonderful. I found myself leaning forward further and further until I almost fell out of my chair. My mouth stayed unhinged for 90% of the show. The characters, the cast. Brilliance. The music and the scenery took my breath away.

When the show ended, a joint sigh was heard throughout the theater. One by one, we walked out of the room a little bit disappointed that we only got an hour, but inflated with the realization that Ron Moore (the producer), Starz, and all of the cast stayed true to the novel that we all hold so close to our hearts.

For the rest of the season, I have a date with my fictional husband, Jamie Fraser (played beautifully by Sam Heughan) every Saturday night.

Here’s the full trailer if you still need more enticing:

(For those who are nervous, dinna fash:  His hair is red. He’s big enough, and you hardly even notice Clare’s eyes are blue.)


Let’s talk. Are you planning to watch the show? Have you been obsessed with this book or any other? Are you in love with a fictional character? Do you go to support group for that?  Do you think my friend and I are sick and twisted? 




55 thoughts on “Well Slap My Ass And Call Me Sassenach

      • I remember what it’s like to be absolutely hooked on good tv. I think you’re going to enjoy the series LOADS 😀

        And at some point I might give the books a go. Once I work through the book mountain I just added to on holiday (srsly – didn’t even finish ONE book, and came back with twice as many as I left with…)


    • It’s called Outlander. It’s a book that crosses all genres from science fiction to historical fiction to romance to suspense/thriller. The first (of nine) books is told in first person through the voice of Clare. It starts in 1945 just after the war ends. Clare and her husband travel to Scotland for a second honeymoon, and after watching a druid ceremony at some standing stones, Clare returns, touches the stones, and travels back to 18th century Scotland where she’s quickly found by a pack of English Dragoons who think she’s a spy. She’s rescued by a small group of Scottish Highlanders who keep her as a sort of prisoner because they too don’t trust her. Her journey to get back to the stones and return to her life in 1945 is filled with action, romance, and true historical references. Diana Gabaldon can write. She’s sold over 25,000,000 books. If you like a good thick (900 page) read, you should pick it up. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…you might get addicted. For as much as I love Jamie, Clare is quite a catch, too.


  1. I absolutely cannot wait to see this. I’ve made a running date with my grandma and my mom, both of whom became fans after my rave reviews of the books. I preordered the last one and read it in days, and now I’m thinking about starting the whole thing all over again, again. So jealous! So glad you had fun!


    • Steph, it was SOOO good. I sound like a teenage valley girl, but I can’t tell you how well they’ve adapted it. I only got the first hour, but it was exactly what I wanted. Sam is perfect for Jamie. Caitrone is a great Clare. Tobias looks exactly like the Frank in my head. Even Uncle Lamb makes an appearance. I seriously swooned over every single person, every scene, every song. I cannot wait to watch the next one. I have a feeling this show will be on repeat in my house for a while.

      It’s so much fun with company. Nikki and I had a great time. My mother-in-law, mother, my 94 yr old grandmother-in-law…we’re all addicts.


  2. You. Are. A. Mess.
    I like it.
    I’ve never heard of these books, or of these movies. Clearly I am just missing out on life. I do, however, know all about drinking wine in movie theatres, huzzah!


    • The books are great, Aussa, and so is the show. I actually started reading Game of Thrones because Diana Gabaldon recommends his books. She’s actually friends with George RR Martin, so since you and I seem to be on the same page with GoT, you will probably like this as well. Different but sci-fi/fantasy and verra verra well written.


  3. I am SOOOO excited to see this series, and your review pretty much sent me over the edge. The opening credits gave me chills and the preview made me cry a little. I’m resisting the urge to type this entire comment in all caps before I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I think I may just die and go to heaven when Jamie says “Sassenach.”

    Did I mention that I am SO EXCITED???? I sound like a love sick teenager, I know. But you get me.


    • DANA! I’M GOING TO RESPOND TO YOUR COMMENT IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE OMG IT IS WORTH ALL CAPS. IT WAS SO SO SO GOOD, AND SWOON WORTHY, AND WONDERFUL, AND SAM AS JAMIE…SIGH…SIGH AGAIN. THERE’S LOTS OF GAELIC. GRRR! I CAN’T WAIT TO DISCUSS THIS WITH YOU WHEN YOU WATCH. Sorry – I can’t all caps anymore. There’s a preview of Episode 101 online, but I think it’s worth waiting to watch on television. The music from the opening credits is so hauntingly gorgeous, I can’t even explain it. I’m sad I have to wait an entire week to see it again, and I’m making my husband and everybody I know watch this show.


  4. I had mixed feelings about turning the series into a television show — so I’m glad you gave it such glowing reviews. I have set my DVR and lament the fact that I do not HAVE a pocket size Jamie.


    • Of course with any adaptation of a book, there are some differences, and there were a few in the first episode, but it just made the show that much better. I cannot wait until everyone I know has seen it so that we can discuss it. We might have to have a video chat session or something. I wonder if herself would join in??


  5. O. M. G!! I have seen the previews for this show in passing & have thought, “Oh, that might be an interesting show to watch.” But now? Now, you have me all super excited to try ’em out! Do you think it would take away from the experience if I were reading the books AND watching the show? You know, not at the same EXACT time (obviously! Ha!). . . But, you know what I mean. . . ? 😉


  6. This looks fantastic! First, I confess that I don’t have much time to read. But, when walking my dogs, I listen to audiobooks. I just finished listening to “Unbroken,” which was fabulous and heart-wrenching. The movie comes out Christmas Day. And today I actually started listening to Outlander, so stumbling on your blog is truly providence. Think I’m going to go for another walk right now and listen to some more. I’m only about 12 minutes into it. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t have the Starz channel, but may need to change that. Yikes, I have a lot to catch up on, don’t I?


    • It’s such a great book. I’ve heard the audio is wonderful. You’ll have to come back and tell me what you thought. The beginning of the book is a bit slow, so don’t quit too soon. Keep reading. Once you’re back in the 18th century, you’re going to be walking miles and miles so that the story won’t end. I seriously sacrificed tons of hours of sleep when I read the series. I have the final book, but I’m holding off because I don’t want to rush myself and then have to wait another four years for the next one. As I type this, I realize how fanatical I sound. It’s okay. I am. Big time!


  7. Lisa loved this series, so I already know (because she tells me on the daily) that she is SUPER excited for this show! I have not read the books, but will totally tune in just to support your love of it! I know, I know, I give until it hurts. Especially when it comes to TV. ;)-Ashley


    • Oooh! I’m so glad to bring another into the fold of Outlander. I can’t wait to hear what you think. As for scoffing at time travel, I must admit, I did it when I was first introduced to these books. I pictured cheesy quantum leap stuff, but it’s done very interestingly and true to several druid legends, so it works. Fash…the bonny Scottish often say (instead of “don’t worry”) “dinna fash.” You know, all sexy in the throaty (panty dropping) accent. I like the Scots a little.


  8. Ohhhh, this is awesome! No wonder I didn’t see it earlier, it posted the day I left for Wyoming. Your *friend* who recommends it, yet hasn’t finished it, is OBVIOUSLY brilliant. hahahaha

    You’re so lucky to have gone to the premier. How FUN!!! It’s on Starz? I need to watch it too. Like NEED.

    **the word Sassenache makes me shiver. for real.


    • My *friend* is brilliant and awesome and damn sexy. I miss her. Have you seen her? Do you know where I can find her? Is she drinking margaritas without me?

      Sassenach….*wipes drool* I know!

      Watch it. Now! (A word of advice, keep an extra pair of PANTIES nearby for when she goes through the stones.)


  9. I am reading this more than a month after you posted it & yes, I am in love with the series also! We get it on Sunday nights on Showcase here in Alberta, Canada. I had read the entire series a few years ago on the recommendation of a friend & was hooked from the very beginning. I guess it doesn’t hurt I have some Scottish in my ancestry. My PVR is permanently programmed to record this.

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