Did Somebody Say Cake?

I may be a little late to the party, but there is no way I’m missing this one.

Happy Frist Birthday to the Ten Things of Thankful hop!!

I may not write a post every week, but I do in fact read several of the thankful posts, and I am always so inspired by all of you who are able to find the sunshine through some rather rainy days and post about gratitude.

Having a bit of a rainy week myself, and not just because it started out in fact raining, but because…pfft…life, I thought it might be difficult to summon ten things, but as it turns out, I have a lot for which I should say “thanks.”

My mother is going through the mean stage of her dementia this week, so I’ve spent most of the week on the phone to her getting berated and feeling terrible and helpless and wondering what I can do to help my father. In the middle of an almost all out breakdown on my part, I decided it was time to check my mail, which I’m pretty sure had not been done in over a week because…pfft…life.  I sifted through bills and catalogs and junk mail, and then laid my eyes upon an envelope that was addressed to me in writing I did not recognize, and I instantly knew that my favorite Brit in the entire world sent me something.  Immediately, my frown turned upside down and I ran into the house and carefully opened the package excited that there might be my first official glitter bomb waiting to explode. Inside was not just a glitter bomb, but a very pretty decorative ornament that is just so Lizzi, a beautiful and kind letter written way before my mother started her downfall, and a poem that is so perfect and so beautiful that it should in fact be song lyrics.  Wow. To be loved by Lizzi, how did I get so lucky? And the timing was just perfect.

My son plays baseball with other kids his age (7), and although he had a rather good season last season, he has struggled this year and had a difficult time finding his mojo among his team who all seem to be more advanced in skill than he.  I worried for a while that he was going to want to give up with all of his strike outs and missed outs, etc., but this week, something clicked in him as we made up three rained out baseball games, and he found his mojo. He hit the ball, and scored, and even got a kid out on second base, but most importantly, he scored the  tie-breaking winning point, which with aged 7 year old boys is not that big of a deal, but his coach made a huge deal about it, and my son’s esteem soared. He said to me on the way to the car as I was forcing him into a hug with mom, “Hey, Mom. Did you know that won the game for my team?” And the smile that spread across his face, and the pride in his shoulders almost made my heart leap out of my chest.  That boy…sometimes I wonder if he makes the world turn.

Having had such a great game, we treated him to a late dinner at his favorite restaurant, where he got to tell the waiter about his glory and order the dessert of his choice, and while we were there, my three year old daughter finished her dinner and with a messy face and sticky fingers climbed into my lap, and fell asleep in my arms. I’m not sure there’s any better feeling than having your sweet child sleep on your chest.


Sleep Baby Sleep

Sleep Baby Sleep

Early in the week, my best friend, Kimberly, called and invited me to the first official “sister day” with her and her two sisters. Being that I have no sisters of my own, I adopted Kimberly and her sisters the minute that we met. These girls and I share our childhood. We grew up next door to each other and lived in each other’s homes. Where they were, I was. Where I was, they were. Without them, I wouldn’t be me. We’ve been through everything together: first loves, first heart breaks, first marriages, teenage pregnancy, loss, so much loss, and we’ve held each other’s hands and loved each other and cheered each other through every heartache and every milestone. This is our 30th year of friendship. That’s right…Thirty Years.  And I have no doubt that thirty years from now, my pseudo sisters will still call me and invite me to sister day. I am so thankful to share my life with these gorgeous amazing women.  Oh, and we watched Dream a Little Dream (a childhood favorite of ours), from which I’m pretty sure I learned life’s most valuable lessons.

So happy birthday to the most uplifting blog hop I’ve seen in the blogosphere.  Cheers!!!



27 thoughts on “Did Somebody Say Cake?

  1. ‘kayso now I read it, I can write back 😀

    Sister Day sounds brilliant. I’m glad you got to choose girls who sound like they grew up with you to become the perfect family for you. Those people are so special and important – the ones we’ve been through all the ups and downs of life with. I wish you all far, far more than another thirty years of sharing one another’s lives.

    WELL DONE THAT BOY! What a very good coach he has, to build him up so much and encourage him. Sounds like he felt a hundred feet tall, and good for him 🙂 And no – there’s nothing better than having a small, ‘belonging’ child asleep on your chest. That was one of my absolute favourite moments of last summer (and possibly of life), when I went with Niece and Neff to a wildlife park, and she had fallen asleep in the car on the way in, so Mum and Neff went off, while I hoiked Niece out of the car and found a bench in the sunshine. I snuggled back (much as you can do on a wooden bench) and just watched her sleep on me; her little face breathing puffs of warmth into my neck, absolutely peaceful, with her eyes fluttering slightly behind her closed lashes, her arms draped around me, and her sweet, sleepy weight leaning on me…I just sat and watched the ducks (who came to say hello) and kissed every inch of her face I could reach, and stroked her little arms and hands oh-so-gently, and it was utterly, transcendently perfect.


    I’m super, super happy that the timing was perfect for that glitterbomb, and HUGELY glad it made such a difference to your mood, my friend 🙂 And I’m so sorry that things have been crappy and your mom’s been mean. I know it wouldn’t help because it’s the nature of the beast, but I really would love to give her a good talking to. How very DARE she make you feel bad. *hackles raise* You are one of the sweetest, *twinklysparkly* people I have the pleasure of knowing. And that’s why you got glitterbombed, and will do again 🙂 I’m glad you like the contents so much ❤


  2. Lizzi is the best glitterbomber in the entire world. And her timing is impeccable.
    You have the friendship circle every woman dreams about. Thirty years of shared history is such a rare occurrence.
    Congratulations to your son. Those accomplishments are such a big deal.


    • Thank you, Christine. I am a lucky girl with my circle particularly those in the thirty year category. I’ve been very fortunate in life to make some of the most wonderful friends. I’m finding so many new here in the blog world, too. I love warm and caring people, and I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame. That is one of the reasons why I love the TToT posts. I read them sometimes and don’t comment out of lack of time, but I’m always so touched that so many people can be gracious even when the world is thundering around them. Thanks for letting me join this group. I want to come back again!


  3. My favorite moments with my 10 YO son are when we’re cuddling at night before he falls asleep. And he talks to me in a very-little-boy sleepy voice, and it’s lovely. And he falls asleep and I often just lay there, listening to him breathe.

    I’m so glad things turned around for your son.

    And, not to make this about me, but where is MY glitter bomb??

    I’m so glad you celebrated TToT’s frist birthday. You’re awesome!


  4. that stage your mom is in is tough. My heartfelt support goes out to you! I remember when my aunt who I was caretaker for put her cane through my windshield because she was so pissed… It was one of those three legged things… the great part was she was so startled at herself that we both cracked up laughing. Eventually she asked me what happened to my windshield too… she was so stinking sweet… even during that time… I cant even imagine how tough it is to have your mom say some of those things to you … luckily you have times like that photo at the end … three year old sleepyheaded girl! Im sorry you have to go through this time and hope they will be lighter some day…


    • I most certainly try to find the sunshine through the dark times, and my little snuggle bunny helps with that a lot. My mom will get better. She always does, and she will be so upset by the way she acted. The good news is that I can separate “Sick” mom from “Real” mom. Thanks for coming by and for your comment.


  5. I’m sorry to hear your mom is having a rough time and in turn, you and your father are having a rough time. I know how that tears you apart. Know that I am sending tons of love and support to you. You know where I am if you need me 🙂
    Although….you seem to have some wonderful friends (love the term pseudo sisters!) and doesn’t Sister Day sound amazing! I am happy you have them. And that they have you.
    I know the look of which you speak. The one on the boy’s face. I have seen it in my own 10 year old son (I totally just typed ‘sun’ – a slip?) and it never fails to make my heart feel like it is too big in my chest and I have to fight the urge to hug him in that moment and deep breathe the scent of his hair, sweat and all. He’s 10. That is soooo not allowed in public anymore. But you can bet you ass I do it as soon as we get home, and for now he still lets me. And all is right with the world. So, yes. I know the look and I’m glad that your sweet son got to have it. It is a big, big deal.
    Lizzi does have a way about her. She will send me a message on FB on days when I’m not quite right. I think she has….magic.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words about my mom, Sandy. It’s been a pretty rough weekend, but I keep trying to remind myself that every rough day will lead to hopefully when she is well and normal again. We had four straight months of well this time, and for that, I’m so grateful.

      Sister Day was so much fun, and I enjoyed spending time with the girls who know me inside and out. They are truly remarkable. Everyone should be so lucky to have them in their lives.

      That look, that boy. I sat on the couch with him tonight and made him snuggle with me because I just needed to hold on to him for a little while and feel him against me. I argued at first (because he’s 7 and too cool for school) but then nestled himself into my side as we watched some show about extreme treehouses and made big plans to build our own.


  6. What a rough time it must be with your mom. I’m so sorry! My mom just turned 82, and she is slipping a little. Not badly, but it saddens me, nonetheless. I wish you strength to deal with this.
    Congratulations to your son! He must feel like a million bucks!
    Love the picture of your daughter sleeping against you. Even when they’re sweating up against you and causing some important appendage of yours to go completely numb, you can never get those moments back. Savor them.


    • Thanks, Dyanne. My son does feel like a million bucks and can’t wait until his next game, which is HUGE since he’s normally pretty indifferent about them. This time is never easy with my mom, so thanks for the encouragement. I only hope this stage doesn’t last long.

      I know what you mean about the sweaty child up against you. Even when my arms are numb, I hesitate to move the. Such precious moments.


  7. I am sorry your m om is having such a rough time. it sucks to feel like there is nothing you can do. i love sister day and a so glad you have such lifelong friendships. i know I wouldn’t have survived w/o my girls.


    • It’s never fun when my mom goes through this, which makes us all hold on to her “normal” when she’s there. Sister day was a blast. I don’t know what I would do without those girls. Thanks for stopping by my little corner.


  8. TIE-BREAKING WINNING POINT!?!?!? That is soooo awesome! I can just picture the joy and pride on his little face. How cool.

    Your pseudo sisters are just as lucky to have you as you are them! Everyone needs that tight circle of sis-like friends. Very special.

    Sorry it’s been rough with your mom lately. I can’t even imagine. I know words can’t really help, so just know I’m sending peaceful/positive wishes your way.

    I find Sawyer at his most adorable when he’s asleep, but it’s for entirely different reasons. HA.


  9. I’ve never done a 10 things of thankful, but I’ve wanted to for a while. I’ve read them and they’re so inspiriring, yours included. Do I have to have it done on a certain day of the week?


    • Melanie, thanks for stopping by! I have only done them a couple of times. The rules are that you post any time between Friday and Sunday as it’s a weekend blog hop, and there are a bunch of other rules, too, so I recommend checking out my friend Lizzi at her new wordpress home:http://wp.me/4CV7r She is the person who created the hop and participates every week without fail. I hope to see you around the blogoshere!


  10. Talk about late! I’m the late one, visiting all of these while I try to plan my next post (gah). I love love love this though and the photo of your three year old sleeping on your chest brings me huge happiness, as does your son’s pride in WINNING THE GAME. Whoot. Love it. Big.


    • Thank you, and better late than never, right??? I’m so glad my little sweetie could bring you happiness. She most certainly does that for me, and my son and his win! That was huge. I actually wrote it wrong though. He didn’t score the winning point. He hit the ball so that the runner on third could score thus winning the game. Either way, his pride was all that mattered. Thanks so much for coming over to my little corner. I love the TToT, and I hope to join in and get to read more of the posts next week.


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