I Wanna Know! Do You?

Do you ever wonder?  I know you do.  You wonder. I wonder…What the hell is he thinking?

Well here’s your chance to find out, ladies and gentleman.  I have three very brave men (who shall remain anonymous for now) who have agreed to answer our questions. That’s right, we can finally learn what’s going on in those purty little heads of theirs, so here’s your chance. You have the floor.

What are your questions for my Fab 3? 

Submit your questions here in the comments, or tweet them to me @MandiCLBT with the hashtag #whatmenthink.

I will pimp your blog with your question. If you don’t have a blog, you’ll still get a shout out, so let’s get this party started! Shall we?

The answers will go up on Tuesday, May 27.

Disclaimer: My guys are sweet but also very cool. They get to choose if a question is let’s say too…provocative.  Ask anyway, and let them decide.

55 thoughts on “I Wanna Know! Do You?

  1. I want to know if they even notice cellulite, or is it just women who obsess about it? (I’m still thinking Mandi. I might come back with another question. Also I think I was first!)


  2. Most of my friends are men so in all honesty I already know quite a bit about what men think about us women. I can’t wait to see the questions and answers though!


  3. Ohhhh I see what you mean by half a post. I geddit. Hmmm. Questions. Can I ask ones I NEVER get a satisfactory answer out of Husby for?

    How can you NOT NOTICE the mess *gestures wildly all around* here?

    Where are your keys?

    Why, when I ask you to get something specific, do you think that the nearest miss is acceptable if the store doesn’t have the precise thing?

    Do I *really* have to ask you to help out? I mean, can’t you SEE what needs doing?

    Why do you try to patch over things which have gone wrong with “I love you?” it undermines the sentiment.

    -and some I’m too chicken to ask Husby-

    Is it okay, or a little offensive that I’d be quite happy if we were one of those couples where people look and think “How did he pull HER?!”

    Conversely, does it matter to you to look good for your woman, or is it a ‘done deal…why’s it matter?’ kind of gig?

    Does it bug you when women are completely self-obsessed, or do you notice? What’s your take?


  4. Hmm. I’m not sure I want to know what they are thinking. How about this: do you worry about aging the way women do? Lines, wrinkles, hair loss, weight gain – does any of that phase you? How would you fight it, or is fighting it too girly?


  5. Hubby and I have gone rounds on this one over the years. I’ve come to conclude men just don’t mull things over as much as women do. They’re like dogs who live in the present that way 😉 Nine times out of then, I’d say he’s thinking about work and writing computer code. Yay. As for the big life-altering questions, my most pressing one would be this: How come men never brush crumbs off the counter after making a quick sandwich for lunch? Or why do they set dirty dishes on top of the counter rather than taking five seconds to put the dishes in the dishwasher? Is it because they know a certain someone will come along and do it?


  6. Do you have friends you have heart-to-heart conversations with? If so, what’s the relationship; are they guys or girls; are they friends, family, or your partner?

    And if not… what do you do with all those FEELINGS? Because I know they’re in there.


  7. I for one will definitely be back on the 27th cos I wanna know the answers to what we’re thinking as well. I got married for the express purpose of finding out where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing at any one point in time…btw, I think we see cellulite the same way we see the mess Lizzi talked about.


  8. What are we thinking? Fuggin puh-lease….What the hell are y’all thinking. I am going to answer the questions no matter what! I have shit to say. What are we thinking (SMH)?….Oh, all the sudden you care……..(sniffle)


  9. I have a lot of the answers already since I am married to a man who has no filter. Ask him a question and you’re gonna get an answer and sometimes it will piss you off. On the other hand, the honesty is nice. Knowledge is power 🙂 I would like to ask though…the day pass. Would you really take it? And if yes, with who?


  10. I have some relationshippy questions, so I dunno if they can answer these or not, but what the heck.
    1. How long do you have to be with someone before you no longer care what they’re wearing, or how long they spend on their appearance when you go out together? (For my husband, this was about 1 week. He would rather I just hurry up and we can leave.)
    2. Do pajamas ever really matter? Past the initial stage I guess. Why or why not?


  11. I’ve got another for your guys…the husband and his friends were talking about the best line they’ve used on a woman that worked. What is your best line that actually worked on a lady? And why do you think it worked?


  12. Intriguing idea.

    At the risk of dropping my male compatriots even deeper in the mire, how about:
    “From your perspective, what (if any) are the differences between making love and having sex?”


  13. Mandi! I love this!
    Guys – if you know it’s the little things that make us happy, why don’t you just DO them?
    They’re little! JUST DO THEM. We like that.
    Also – apology jewelry.
    Let that sink in.


  14. Really interesting idea. I may have to come back next week and see the answers. I’ve been married twice and still don’t know what they think. But I may have found a really good one ladies that answers any question I give him. He’s a keeper for so many reasons! I’ll be back.


  15. I love this idea and I skimmed through the comments to read all the questions because I don’t wanna dupe ya! But I couldn’t keep track! 🙂 I have a pretty straight-forward husband too so I ask him stuff all the time. Ohhh what about this—Does it really matter to circumcised men if they see a guy who isn’t? You always hear about the mocking when it comes to having a hot dog in a bun, but WHY?? Who cares?


  16. Are you telling us the truth or just what we want to hear when we asked “loaded” questions? For instance, “Do this make my butt look big?” “Is this dress too tight?” “Does this make me look fat?” “Do you think she is better looking than me?” I would never subject my dear darling to these types of questions but then again, he’s pretty transparent. I can tell the answer without him saying a word. Of course we’ve been together so long, it’s pretty much a non-issue anyway.


  17. Hmmm…. I’m not good at this. I have 4 older brothers so I kind of assume that I know everything.

    Okay, here’s one: Do you think it’s possible for a straight man to have a best friend that’s a girl– while he’s in a committed, monogamous relationship? And by “possible” I mean…. possible to NOT cheat or cross any lines?


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