Drunk Writing in the Sun

Laura over at History of a Woman nominated me for the Liebster, too, (This one was for real.  I didn’t nominate myself) so it’s only fair that I answer her questions.  (I am not procrastinating on The Evil Queen, Laura. It’s coming.)

1. What made you choose the title for your blog?

Well, I love the sun.  A lot.  I need my vitamin D, and my mood suffers if I don’t get enough of it.  (It’s been a long winter, even here in Texas).  Somebody asked me once why I like to be outside so much, and I said, “Well, cellulite looks better tan.”  It’s true.  Then I said for years that I was going to call my book (the one that I would eventually write) “Cellulite Looks Better Tan,” but then the book and that title didn’t work, so I created this blog instead.

2. What was your very first post about? Link it up!

I wrote my first blog post on the eve of Thanksgiving because I was reminded of a story that occurred many years before on that day.  Thanks to Beth, I think 5 people read it.  It’s about a time I accidentally peed in a stranger’s driveway.  You asked….The Girl Who Peed in the Driveway

3. What do you think was the best post you ever wrote?

Hmmm….my favorite post is Sex Dreams and Shit Prints and not just because I was having sex with Adrian Grenier in it but also because it really happened, but the best post I’ve ever written would have to be the one I wrote about my mother, The Cycle.  I’ve never been more honest on this blog.

4. You’re at your computer (where ever you blog most from)…What is sitting close to hand?

Coffee if it’s in the morning (which is when I read most of the blogs) and wine if it’s after 8 (which is when I write most of my blogs.)  Always.  I like to go with Ernest Hemingway’s advice:  “Write drunk.  Edit sober.”  And I always sit in my reading chair to blog.  It’s super comfy, *my special place*.

5. Do you always order the same thing when you go out or do you like to try new foods?

I’m fairly predictable in life, except for when it comes to ordering food.  I love to try new things.  If it has avocados or goat cheese, I pretty much order it every time.  Yesterday I had lunch with one of my besties at a Mediterranean restaurant, and they had broiled cauliflower.  My mouth is still watering.  I LOVE food.  

6. What was the first blog you found online that you fell in “blog love” with?

Writer B is Me.  I love her in real life.  I love her writing, and when she started her blog, I would squeal with delight every time I got an email notification of a new post.  I feel like through blogging, we’re even becoming better friends, and to use her words, I lurve her hard.

7. What’s your most favorite piece of clothing you own?

Wow…I’m not into clothing, so I had to think really hard about this one.  My favorite piece of clothing I own is the dress I wore to the 2007 Emmy awards.  It’s a long story how I got to go, but that dress made me feel *stunning* like I belonged there. 

8. If you were trapped on an island and could only have one book with you, what book would you bring?

Easy:  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  I can pick it up and read a page and immediately fall back into the story.  Love love love.

9. What’s something new you have learned recently?

I recently learned that I don’t have to put two spaces after a period.  When did this rule change?  Am I that old? That is brand new information for me.  And look, I can’t get out of the habit.  I’m two spacing all over the place.

10. Who is your favorite author?

I am.  Kidding.  Diana Gabaldon.  She’s brilliant.  Her prose paint the most magnificent pictures.  When I read her books, they envelope me, and they’re so real that it’s almost like I’m the one banging a hot redheaded Scottish warrior, and who wouldn’t want that?

11. What’s the corniest joke you know?

Knock knock

Who’s there?


Duane who?

Duane the tub I’m dwowning.  Hey – my kids think it’s hilarious.

Herstory Lesson: Why does Ariel wear seashells? A’s and B’s were too small. Thank you. I’ll be here all week.  

hahahah – I thought this was a real question.  Shut up!!

32 thoughts on “Drunk Writing in the Sun

  1. I cannot believe you thought the Ariel joke was a question bwahahahahaha! Now then, I have reading to do. I am really looking forward to reading all these! Glad you joined in 😀


  2. *squuueeeee* I lurve you hard, too! But you know this. You are my book whisperer, and my friend, and one of my favorite people under the sun. Congrats on another award that you’ll soon be swimming in cuz you’re amazing. *hugs*
    BTW, where are your lovely awards? You need some on your sidebar, chica! Show those puppies off!


    • Thanks, Beth. And all of those things back atcha. It’s the same award as yesterday, only Laura didn’t ask for volunteers, so it’s kind of legit. And adding them to the sidebar means that I have to go back in and play with my dashboard and stuff. I need a whole makeover. Wanna do it for me? BTW – Friday is almost over, and someone somewhere promised me something for today.


  3. Did I tell you I’ve already pre-ordered Gabaldon’s newest book? It comes out in June. And how did I miss the fact that you and Beth know each other in the flesh?(well, not in the flesh…or maybe you do…uh, never mind.) I just told my daughter the Ariel joke – she already knew it! And she groaned at the knock-knock joke. Well done.


    • Dana, keep up. Beth and I are real life buddies. Have been hangin out for 4 years now. Our kids liked each other, so we had one of those awkward play dates where you talk about cookies and the weather. Then we had about 12 more of those. One time I slipped and dropped an F bomb, and she laughed. When we realized we didn’t have to be polite anymore, we were instant buds.

      I cannot wait for the next book or the television series. It’s going to be a good summer, and you guys will probably not see much of me once it’s released. Oooh – we should have a book club. You can come to Texas and hang with me and Beth even though she never finished the book. I really don’t know what’s wrong with her.


      • I wish I could come to Texas, but we should do a Google hangout and discuss the book once we’ve devoured it!

        And sorry, I have trouble keeping up. Sometimes you have to pull me along.


  4. *snorks with laughter* You’re so funny Mandi 😀 That joke at the end is hilarious, right? I think I heard it from Laura, too.

    You need a new joke for your kids – here

    Q: Whaddya call cheese that’s not yours?
    A: NACHO CHEESE! (do a li’l head pop with that bit, to really make it funnier (and hun, this bit in brackets is NOT THE JOKE (just the first bit was (wonder if I’ll finish off all my parentheses this time?)))

    Nailed it 😀

    Great to learn more about you 😀


  5. I hope you get many more awards because I am learning so many wondrous things about you AND I have a new book for my list.
    I am so jealous that you get to know my girl Beth in real life. I’m flying to Texas tomorrow…I’m that jealous! You girls have got to be a hoot to be with 🙂
    I’m going back to read that first blog post. I need to delete all of mine I was such a chickens$#!@ when I started blogging but then again, it was supposed to be for the Etsy shop so… It’s changed a little 🙂
    I love all of your posts but The Cycle was stellar. Tough, though, I know.
    Love you more than ever and I could not agree more that cellulite looks better tan!


    • Thanks, Sandy. You’re way too nice to me. Which is why you should book a trip to Texas immediately. (Unless you’re actually a serial axe murderer.) The first post was just for fun. I had the blog for a month before I actually wrote anything.

      I love you back, Sandy. Again, thanks for always making me smile.


  6. I am really upset about the two spaces after a sentence! And I feel old too, who changed the rule? And when? omg I need wine it’s after 8pm. I think that’s another rule which makes me old. Oh maybe I’ll just go to bed, omg it’s only 9:30 here. So OLD LADYISH!! Oh just forget it. Lol. I am old, and I am going to bed. Congrats on your award.



  7. Have you ever had an avocado and goat cheese grilled sandwich, Mandi? Highly recommended. I frequent a local sandwich shop and right next door is a tanning store. I think of you every time I see it…yep.


  8. Who is this girl who claims to try new things when dining out??? (Please note the old school use of two spaces after final punctuation). I know you better than that. Step back in time (circa 1990- something; volunteer work at St. Mary’s Hospital)… Are you there? Good.

    Me: I’ll get some pickle flavored chips and something called ‘H2oh’ to drink. You: I will have Funyuns and a coke (as always).
    Me: I don’t like this new thing I’ve tried.
    You: That’s why I always get the same thing!

    (Or something like that- glad you order new stuff now- Funyuns and coke are only for days when The Wonder Years came on TV right after school)! You know I love you.


    • Right? I’m all adventurous with my ordering now. Can you believe it? Who ever would have thunk that little conservative girl would taste something like mountain oysters. That’s some animal’s balls. Yeah. I’ve eaten that but only because I had to try everything on the menu of the restaurant where I worked. This just in…they taste like chicken, and if you deep fry anything and dip it in ranch dressing, it’s somewhat edible.


  9. I think all your titles are bad ass! Sex, Dreams & Shit Prints…<3 <3! As for the others. You have excellent taste in Bloggers as Beth is a fav of ours as well and is easy to love!! Your taste in food is right up my alley! Love Avocado & goat cheese as well as cauliflower. Although I've recently went Vegan & can't have cheese! As for the clothing question, you'll have to write a post centered around that little ditty cuz we're all dying to know the story behind the 2007 Emmy thing! Love the joke and had never heard of it before & last but not least we are 2-spaced girls as well, typist handicapped we truck on with our double space & find it hard to close the gap! Great post sharing now 😉


  10. What do you know? I just learned that a double space after a sentence is unnecessary from my 15 year old daughter. She told me that absolutely NO ONE does it and that it’s “totally” a waste of time. What can I say? Old habits die hard. Unfortunately, I am old school and will never change. Congrats on your award!


  11. OK – I admit I snorted at the Duane the tub joke. I have a warped sense of humor too. Congrats on the Liebster Award.

    You should get an award just for the title “Sex, Dreams & Shit Prints”!


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