You’re My Huckleberry

You are my Huckleberry.  Let’s define that, shall we?  According to the Urban Dictionary, (that’s a legit source, people) it means “I’m the man you’re looking for.”  (That’s a direct quote.  Anyone who knows me knows I would never end a sentence in a preposition, so there’s that.)

So in keeping true to my whole Friendship theme, I’m jumping onto the Ten Things of Thankful train, but I’m doing it my way.   I’m going to give you a list, a version of what my best friend and I created years ago… (Hopefully she won’t kill me for sharing this.)

A Top Ten List

My Top Ten Thankfuls for This Weird Funky Week

(We work our way to #1, so let’s start at 10.)

#10:  Lizzi because you are so full of love and light and encouragement and help, and you send me music (which speaks straight to my heart, my love language for sure.) And every time I see the little chat bubble with your smiley face, I smile back.  I’m so glad I found you, Lizzi.  Oozing thankfuls all over you.

#9.   The rest of my blogger buddies:  Don, Aussa, Phil, Dana, Sandy, Nicole, Kate, Mike (and Phoneix),  and so many more.  You are all so so so very awesome.  I love peeking into your worlds and reading your stories which make me feel like I *know* you, like I’m a part of you.  I’ve been in a funk this week, but your words were a step in the ladder that pulled me out of that funk, and today the sun shines bright in the sky, I’m well rested, and I’m no longer blue.

#8.  Also in the running for pulling me out of my funk:  my new cyber-besties, Hella Buzzed and Magpie.  What in the world did I do with my day before I met you?  I can somehow spend an entire day chatting away with you guys about anything and still be hungry for more.  My cheeks hurt from smiling, and my belly hurts from laughing, and my heart is so very grateful that Michelle ignited this flame.

My girls:  you know who you are.  (in no particular order)

#7. a) You coined the name “Mandicap” which still haunts me.  You pushed me to class in my wheel chair.  You introduced me to my forever.  You stood by me when I married him.   I’ll never forget the day we walked around Manhattan together and the walk through Central Park….sigh.  That was one of my favorite days of all time.  Soon you’ll become a mom and welcome your baby girl, and I hope she has even a spark of your humor, your love, and your beauty.

b) You’ve been my mommy go to, the one who always tells me that I’m not crazy.  You wait for me in Carl’s Corner with a scented candle and a smile.  You can sell me anything just by saying, “You love it.  You do.” Even if it’s tofu. And when I hear Dave Matthews Band or Sublime, I imagine your little red eclipse and spending hours driving around our college town in it.  Without our talks, I’m not sure I’d still be sane.  Oh wait – I’m not.

#6.  We didn’t hit it off right off that bat, which had nothing to do with who your ex-boyfriend is.  Very few people get me on the level that you do.  You are almost as funny as I.  Ok, ok.  You’re as funny.  I will always admire your eyebrows, and when you asked me to stand up next to you as your matron of honor because I “represented a happy marriage,” you stole more of my heart than you know.  You’re a great mom, a great friend, and a trivia wiz.  I’m so glad I met you, even if you hated me that day.

#5.  Mi amor, you will always be….esta es siempre en mi corazon.  You bring me wine and other stuff and sit outside  with me until our lips are stained purple while we talk through every inappropriate topic and piece of gossip until the wee hours of the morning.  Squelched laughter, rule-breaking chat sessions, and Freaks of the Industry will always remind me of mi amor.

#4.  You are my wingman (you can totally have a vagina and be a wingman).  You helped me make the rules to Drunk Around the World.  You’re my Dust in the Wind, my synchronized swimming partner.  Our friendship began as a seed planted by our husbands to get to spend more time together, but it’s taken root and bloomed into something so much more.  I adore you, but this you know, and the friendship between our children makes my heart swell.

#3.  Beth…where do I begin?  I still can’t believe how many play-dates we wasted being polite.  I love the weird bond our sons share and the fact that they brought us together.  I don’t know where it finally happened, but we sparked, and I’m so very grateful that we did.  I truly cherish this friendship.  I love our Big Truck Tuesdays, that we share a sick dirty mind, and the pictures we send back and forth…le’ sigh.  I love your humor and your brain, and I cannot even comprehend your talent.  I believe in your book, and I sit on the edge of my seat and wait for the rest of the world to get to read it.  #threechapterthursday is my favorite day of the week.   How lucky am I that you trusted me with it first?  And now I love beards, and trees, and tattoos, and tattoos of trees.  (But I love you even more than all of that.)  What have you done to me?

#2.  Nikki, my kindred, my soul mate, my fellow lover of books.  You are beautiful and funny and smart, and so very talented.  (She’s published two books.  Rebound & Resilient)  The fact that you’re about to publish a third book amazes me to no end, and I squeal with delight every time you post a new teaser.  You have become so much more to me than a friend.  I look forward to our Thursdays and relish the memories of sitting for hours in a bookstore on the floor talking about these fictional characters as if they’re real people.  You win best hugs ever, which says a lot since you know I’m not a hugger.  You are so dear to me, so very special.  You make my heart smile.

And the Number One Friend for whom I say thanks each and every day:

Kimberly (yes I’m using your name.  Suck it.)  30 years ago as I sat outside in my backyard literally eating mudpies, my mom called for me and made me come inside, wash up and change out of my mismatched “boy” clothes and go introduce myself to the three little girls who moved in next door. I huffed and argued, but she urged and insisted and finally shooed me out the door.  She had no idea what an impact that introduction would be to her little girl’s life and the inseparable friendship that would result from her insistence.  Kimberly, words cannot describe you.  You’re brilliant and brave and funny and weird like me and so opinionated and full of red headed stubbornness.  You’re a wonderful mom, an amazing principal, a devoted wife, and the absolute “dearest” friend, my full moon.  I have to stop, or I’ll cry, and you know.  I. Never. Cry.

So there – my weird attempt at TToT.  You can join, too.  Just grab the button and follow the rules.  We’ll see if I get kicked off of this one, too.


31 thoughts on “You’re My Huckleberry

  1. The Secret GuardVirgins should do a special (naked) dance just for your first EFFING AWESOME TTOT. I had to read it twice. I’m so lucky to be on this list. Everyone you named is lucky to be your friend.
    Thank you for the sweet things you said. You know the feelings are mutual. CRAZYMADLOVE to you, my friend!!!


  2. I missed the customary attempt at ‘FIRST’ for these things, because you sucked me right in with the words.

    There will be no kicking off. Nada. No way. Welcome to the TToT. You’ve just gotten yourself mixed up with the most crazywonderful community I’ve ever come across in the Blogosphere, and I’m confident you’ll be a grand addition 🙂

    This list is gorgeous. I’m glad you got out of your funk and found some sunshine and light.

    And you are blessed indeed with such wonderful friendships. The depth of Feels here…wow. I’m staggered one person can contain that much, and to be able to WRITE it so freely, so confidently. Wow.

    I’m delighted and honoured to be your #10, Huge thanks 🙂


      • Always important to keep things in perspective, and there are certainly those in our lives who deserve the highest spot 🙂 I’m glad you have someone so very worthy of it.

        Why would I ever kick you off? Unless you did something completely outrageous (Ten Dildos of Thankfulness would probably overstep the mark, f’rinstance…) I love that people find their own ways of making meaning of this hop, and that it’s able to be individualised at the same time as partaking in an overriding theme. It’s beautifully malleable in that way.

        It’s very lovely to hear that you’re grateful for me. I feel quite bowled over 🙂


  3. That was very sweet once again CB. That stands for Cyber bestie(TM). I am pretty sure once I get my own talk show that you will be my first guest. Dont worry if no one knows you, they wont know me either. Actually it will pretty much be us two in a room just talking…..But it will seem like a show. “Selfie”(pouty lips) #gaystickers


  4. Mandi, I am so touched to be on this list. I am so glad to have found you here and we have gotten to know each other. You are the real deal: the girl who says what she thinks and loves with all of her heart and is the absolute best at friendship, near or far. I got nothin’ but love for ya and I mean that from the depths of my soul! XX


  5. Simply beautiful… what kind of wine have you been drinking? I love reading anything in list form (but you already know that). Thanks for putting me out there as number one. I am honored to be placed alongside so many amazing people. So, here’s my [nonblogger] attempt at a TToT -so glad the “o” is appropriately lower case. Ten reasons everyone deserves a lifelong friend. #10- private jokes, hilariously annoying to other people
    #9- lifelong friends know when to be brutally honest and when to let you figure stuff out yourself
    #8- conversations always pick up “right where they left off” no matter how long it’s been
    #7- lifelong friends know your family is crazy- they were there for most of it
    #6- shared history; not because you had to, but because you chose to
    #5- a lifelong friend is sometimes the only island in a pool of raging waters- an island that will save your butt & listen while you bitch about it
    #4- MY lifelong friend is judging the grammar of this comment as she reads it, and I’ll be getting a corrective text shortly. And I love that about her- ditto.
    #3- you are truly proud of their accomplishments – not the required niceties of “good job,” but heart-aching pride as though an extension of yourself accomplished a great task. Example- “Mandi, you’re such a talented writer that I brag about your blog to strangers and colleagues like I’m your paid publicist.”
    #2- lifelong friends don’t judge… They can’t (refer to numbers 6 & 7)
    And the #1 reason everyone needs a lifelong friend is… (Dot, dot, dot) they are the definition of pure happiness (at least mine is).

    Whew- now you owe me a list . (We only have a few days left in February to hang out, ball’s in your court, AGC).


    • Dude, I totally wrote and edited this story sober…in a car…like a boss…so unlike Hemingway and unlike me now. B/c I’ve had two mimosas, so I’m awesome right now. We might have to double up in March since February is a bitch and only 28 days. Ha – I never even realized that. What a little bitch February is? I only trust you with my naked selfies. So there’s that. I can’t even respond to your list or I’ll get all sappy and stupid and tell you how much I love you and that I know you’ll be here when I’m old with saggy skin and a waddle, and you’ll tell me that I look old and that I need to hang it up and quit chasing after Adrian b/c clearly, I’m way too good for him. And then we’ll go get French fries and ice cream and head back to our mauve colored carpeted apartment. Because we’re trying that again sans the douchebags. I’m making some coffee. Quit shaking your head.


  6. Ohhh, thanks for the sweet shout out! I’m so glad we met via Dana’s guest post.

    And ‘I’m your huckleberry’ is one of the best movie lines ever! Is it just me, or was Val Kilmer incredibly hot in Tombstone, even with the paleness & creepy molest-a-stache?


    • I’m glad we met, too. And you’re welcome! I can’t find Val Kilmer hot anymore because too many of my girlfriends used to say my brother looked like him. Once I saw the very slight almost invisible resemblance, he was ruined for me. Molest-a-stache…I love it!! You could write a whole blog about that!!!


  7. What an inaugural TToT post! I love that you have such an amazing circle of friends and more than a little envious. I’m happy for you that your friends helped pull you out of your funk (boy, you sure have to be careful when you type the word “funk”). So glad you joined us at the TToT and hope you will make it a habit!


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