This is Us (We Might Be Confused)

I have four older brothers. Some would say this makes me tough (which is true), but most would say this has affected my intellect (also true). The youngest is ten years older than I am, so my education growing up  was, to say the least, clouded with fibs my brothers told me that I believed the same way people believe everything they read on the internet.

We went camping as a family once (only once). I was very young, maybe four years old. Once we arrived to the camp ground, my mom explained to me that she and I would have to use the restroom outside, or we could use the porta-potties at the campsite, unlike my brothers who could  and did have pissing contests pretty much anywhere they wanted. After she walked away, my youngest brother pulled me to the side and whispered, “If you squat to pee on the ground, there are little tiny snakes that will jump up into your butthole and live in your body, and eat you from the inside out.” His dark eyes widened in a very convincing warning.  I quickly determined the porta-potty would be my best bet and spent the night in the camper dreaming about internal bodily snake infestation.

I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, so my first experience in a campsite porta-potty resulted in not peeing and lots of gagging. When I came out, my brothers were laughing. The youngest (again)  told me that snakes lived in there too and that I should be very careful because they like to bite little girls’ butts. I decided that relieving myself  was highly overrated.

My mom still tells the story about the time we went camping and I didn’t use the bathroom the entire time. To this day, I don’t enjoy camping, and I have a very healthy fear of snakes, but apparently, I would still fight one because I’m bigger.

As a child though, I looked up to my brothers. I believed them when they told me things, which is why I think carrots are green. That’s weird right? Carrots are orange. I literally almost typed green. Let me explain. I see green as green and orange as orange, but I get the color wrong every time. I say green is orange and orange is green. Why you may ask? I’ve thought about this a lot. You see, three of my four brothers are color blind, two very severely, and I’m pretty sure they taught me my colors. Shout out to mom and dad for letting this one slide.

When my dad and my oldest brother were buying his first car, my dad told him the car was red. He didn’t know it was green until they were signing the final paperwork. When I bought a car in college, my brother told me it was gray. Another said it was silver. It was a gold T-bird and a total POS.

This is us.

My parents have lived in the same house for 35 years. There was a house across the street from us. My friend Jesse lived there. He lived in the green house. The green house across the street. All my life, I called his house the green house across the street. Nope.  Jesse’s house was orange. And nobody corrected me. How did I make it through elementary school with this backassward knowledge?  Thankfully, Jesse’s house is not green or orange anymore because someone realized orange was a terrible choice for exterior paint color.

And this stuff still affects my life.

I told my son this morning to put on his green shirt. He went into his room, closed the door and put on his clothes. He came downstairs wearing a -gasp- green shirt. I said, “Why are you wearing that? That’s not what I told you to wear.” He wrinkled his freckled forehead at me and said, “Mom, this is the only green shirt I have.”

I am thirty-eight years old, and I don’t know my colors.

And it’s all their fault. Brothers.

I won’t even tell you about the time my brother told me my other brother got a tramp stamp. Because I believed him.

What did your siblings tell you that wasn’t true? Do you see orange or green or green or orange?



11 thoughts on “This is Us (We Might Be Confused)

  1. OMG, I don’t even know where to begin. I have 2 older bros and a younger one. The two older are responsible for telling me I was adopted. I was not adopted. Also some gross torture tactics, like pinning me down and threatening to drip saliva on me. Just when it was about to fall, while I squirm and scream he would slurp it back in. SICK, I tell you.
    The color thing really sucks. It is kind of cute though. I can’t believe the story about the snakes. That is just cruel. It isn’t even funny.


  2. I’m the oldest, hence the smartest and handsomest, so twas I that did the rusing. I can’t imagine having grown up without a little sister to abuse. I fell as though I’ve missed out on something amazing.


  3. My sisters told me I could go down a flight of stairs ending in a slate floor on a hippity hop. But even then I was a budding intellect, so I turned to say, “What? I don’t…” and one or more pushed me down the stairs on my hippity hop. We had childless company visiting. They were horrified, my mom was furious, and I got sent to my room. Ah, siblings. (Love this one!)


  4. Sisters aren’t much better. When I was 5, and we went on a cross country camping trip, one night we had a very hard time finding a campground. At maybe our 4th one, when our parents went inside to try and get a site, my sisters told me that this was a dog campground – meaning you had to have a dog with you to camp there. Our dog was at home.

    Then proceeded to tell Me that I’d have to be the dog and since I had long hair we could pretend I was an Afghan. It sounded fun – until they said I’d have to sleep outside – on a chain. I could only eat my food by sticking my face in a bowl (no hands) and that I’d have to go to the bathroom outside too – out in the open at our campsite.

    So much for being nice to your baby sister.


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