And the Wind Cries . . . Samara

It can happen unexpectedly. Every once in a while, someone stumbles into your life, and you just know there’s something there. A kind of connection. Chemistry.

When I first met her, she was a phone girl in a whore house. Immediately, I developed a full blown girl crush. I thought to myself, I don’t hardly know her, but I think I could love herInfatuated with her words, I devoured them, unable to stop. Reading post after post, I became more and more enamored with her.

Cautiously and bravely, I typed a comment and hit “post.” She responded quite quickly,  and an easy and comfortable friendship developed. We learned we had a lot of things in common like our love for boys music.

She has taught me many valuable lessons about life. I’ve viewed a tragedy from another person’s perspective. I’ve felt a mother’s love for her son. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry, and she makes me think.

I’m lucky to call her my friend, to call her my SisterWife, and today, I’m fortunate to wish her a very happy birthday.

Samara, I am so very glad you were born and so happy that fate placed me on your blog. You have welcomed me with open arms into your world, and for that, I thank you. In those moments when I’m not feeling like myself, you are always there. Everybody needs someone beside them, shining like a lighthouse from the sea.

Go celebrate your day, shine brighter than the sun, and for all of us, please continue to sing your life. (any fool can think of words that rhyme.)

(I couldn’t pick just one song. You’re more than one song to me.)

Happy birthday, Samara!

Samara pimping me at BlogHer (true friendship, people)

Samara pimping me at BlogHer (true friendship, people)

16 thoughts on “And the Wind Cries . . . Samara

  1. I just got done listening to all the songs. You put a lot of thought into picking them out. Every one of them resonates for me.

    I especially love the Joan Jett cover of Crimson and Clover. I love a punky cover of an old rock classic. It’s like the best of 2 worlds, combined. And Joan Jett – I’ve adored her forever.

    When I think of you, the first thing that comes to mind is how you celebrated me, coming forward with the story of my marriage on Sisterwives. Your entire post was devoted to that. That was the first time anyone had ever written about me, and I was BLOWN AWAY. Thank you for that, and for today.

    I’m in awe of you, Mandi. Your no-nonsense approach to life, your refusal to sink into the bullshit, the strength which with you battle every adversity. Your talent, your stick-to-it-tiveness, that enabled you to give birth to your Book Baby. And it doesn’t hurt that you look gorgeous through all of it!

    I love you. I can’t wait to meet you in real life and hug you. And drink and party and DANCE with you!!


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    • That is the nicest comment ever. But it wasn’t necessary. It was your day, love. And I wanted to celebrate you. I’m so glad I know you and get to meet you in person in two weeks!!!


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