What if …

Do you ever wonder?

When I was fifteen years old, I volunteered at the hospital. One day, I was standing in the break room talking to one of my fellow volunteers, when he looked up at me and said, “Do you ever wonder?”

I waited for him to finish the sentence, but he stopped. After a few minutes, I asked, “Do I ever wonder what?”

He smiled a big wide grin and said, “Just wonder. Do you ever wonder?”

So that’s my question for you today. Do you ever wonder?

I often think back to moments in my life and wonder what would have happened had they turned out differently. Would I be here writing this post? Who knows?

But what if …

What if you could go back? Would you change anything? If you could walk back in time, would you go to a specific moment in your life and do it differently?

You’re thinking about it right?

I can think of a few things I personally would do differently. (Like that time my husband and I went to the Emmy’s, and he wouldn’t help me out with a huge favor. I’m at Original Bunker Punks talking about That Time My Husband Didn’t Suck today. After you read this post, go there and laugh a little.)

 Georgia Bristol’s life hasn’t turned out the way she’d imagined…but it’s a good life.
Despite that fact, she finds herself yearning for something she can’t define. Haunted by the choices of her youth.
Regrets. Everyone has them. What if? Everyone wonders at times.
Lost in a town a few heartbeats shy of deserted, Georgia encounters a mysterious woman who gives her a second chance to regain the life she thought she missed out on.
Some say getting lost is the best way to find where you’re going. And sometimes everything must be stripped away before you realize that what you have, is what you wanted all along.
The Space Between is one woman’s unconventional journey to regain what she holds dear, filled with heartbreak, friendship, and love. A thought provoking tale that will have you relating to her struggles and celebrating her triumphs.

The Space Between Cover

Get your copy today: The Space Between by Nikki Mathis Thompson

Talk to me. What would you change? Would you do anything differently, or would you keep things exactly the same? Leave a comment, and you’ll go into the drawing for a free paperback or ebook (you choice) of this new release. Comment and share, you’ll get your name in twice!!

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23 thoughts on “What if …

  1. Great post. I honestly don’t have any regrets! None whatsoever! Everything that I have done and that has happened to me has happened for a reason and was a teaching “moment.” It surprises me how calm I feel about things and how at peace I am with my life. Sure, I complain and wish I didn’t struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and depression but it is what it is. Sometimes I am successful at fighting through it and other times I suck at it. 🙂

    Congratulations to Nikki! 🙂

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    • It’s nice to not have regrets, BHC. I have a few, but they’re very superficial, like I didn’t do something with this hot boy in college, and sometimes I wish I had…just to see, you know?

      I love that you embrace your struggles and fight through. You’re a powerhouse. And you’re in the drawing.


  2. I once wrote I had a Fibber McGee closet full of regrets. (You young folks will have to Google to get the reference). But the biggest is that I waited so long to become a writer. I wanted to in college, but gave up on myself. There are always things we wish we had done or wish we hadn’t done. And it would be nice to go back to change things. But I have let go of that because we made those choices because of who we were at the time, young and full of apprehensions. If we could go back we would still have those same fears, same worries, and probably make the same choices. We are who we are and I can accept that today, so, all and all, I can live my choices, good and bad.

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    • I often wish I had started writing sooner in life. I knew I had it in me, but I never pursued it because let’s face it: making a living as a writer is a hard road, and I had student loans to pay back. Still do. There’s a regret!

      Thank you for reading. I admire the fact that you are pursuing your dream no matter what your age. That’s impressive.


  3. I’ve heard you RAVE about Nikki so many times, and I’d be fascinated to read her book. To the point that in fact, I have a plan brewing which I’m SO NOT THRILLED ABOUT, but which seems necessary, and I will make her book part of that. *sigh* I am nothing if not stubborn and resistant, and THIS is part of my wondering, and my wondering which took me to the conclusion (horrible, awful, galling bloody conclusion) that I must source a Kindle for my trip to Murica otherwise there are going to be some SERIOUSLY boring plane journeys.


    BUT I did come back here FRIST, even if I didn’t score frist comment, because I love YOUR writing.

    And now I’m gonna go read more of it rightnowverynextthing.

    Congrats Nikki on publishing 🙂 It’s a big ole step 🙂

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  4. I try not to live life with regrets. All of the crap I’ve been through is what has made me the person I am, even the current over-the-top husband dumbassery that is currently occupying my days… My motto is that life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but yes what if? Maybe that’s why my life has enough material for multiple episodes of the Jerry Springer show.

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  5. While I wish I could say I’ve never wished I could go back in time and change things, because all of my experiences made me the woman I am today – I can’t. I put myself in situations that caused so much pain, both for me and others, that it’s nonsensical to be grateful for them. I wouldn’t be any less than I am today if I had an easier, happier life. In fact, had I made different decisions, held out for what I deserved, and had the confidence to go for what I wanted, I think I would be, perhaps, a stronger, more fulfilled, loving and open person. And perhaps I’d be with someone who treated me with respect and liked those very things about me – and loved me unconditionally. So yes – if I had the chance (and the knowledge), I would jump at the chance to go back in time and make different choices – so many different choices.

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    • There are plenty of things I would change, too, Jana, and after what you’ve been through, I can understand. You deserve to be treated with respect and liked for those things. You are gem, and I’m so glad I (kind of) know you. Thanks for your comment. You’ve just been entered. I’ll let you know who wins!


  6. I don’t wonder very often. I try to stop myself when I do, because what’s done is done. I’d rather concentrate on what could be, not what could have been. I make it sound like it’s so easy for me; it’s really not. But I try.


    • I think it’s hard not to wonder, Dana. To not look back and think you could have done something differently, better perhaps. I’m kind of perfectionist, so most of my wondering tends to be just that. I could have done that better.

      Thanks for reading, Dana. You’re in the drawing. I’ll let you know if you won!


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