Someone get me some meds, I’m having a complete Blogxiety attack. 

First of all, let’s start with my new addiction:  Blogoshere…or at least that’s what I think it’s called. I wrote this little story about a girl who peed in the driveway…true story, by the way, because well, I was bored, and I’m slightly narcissistic, and I thought…sure people will want to read this, and by people, I meant my one blogger friend, and she read it, and then she shared it, and then she opened the doors to “a whole new world”. 

Birds flew from my computer (you think I’m kidding, but I’m not.  I saw macaws people, real ones.  They’re on a photographer’s blog, and they’re mother freaking beautiful, oh and I found her blog through another blog who was “guest hosting”, which I don’t quite understand, but totally support, and if someone wants to be my guest on my blog, please do so.  How does that work anyway?). 

I found myself in a winter wonderland fighting stuffed elves, falling in love with  crazy aunts, reading about chuck’s terriblemind…, reading thousands, I mean, thousands of book reviews (and books are my crack, so I practically licked my lap top as I ferociously added books to my “to read” category), and then there’s this girl who’s a hacker ninja, and she’s hilarious, and I read about 20 of her posts because…she’s just that good.  And then my husband said, “Hey, what are you doing?” and I said, “Shhh.” (but under my breath I used explicits) because he interrupted my blog hit, and you just can’t interrupt an addict when she’s getting her fix, right?

I guess what I’m trying to say is….

I’m not worthy.  I bow to your Blogness. 

You all are fabulous, and talented, and hilarious, and beautiful, and please keep posting because I really don’t want to pay any attention to my husband or my kids, or clean my house, or pay my bills, or do anything but read your blogs. 


Thanks for the welcoming me into this world where I’m completely overwhelmed but totally humbled to be in your presence. 

Please, introduce me to the blogs you follow, so I can continue to get my fix.  Although, I don’t see myself building up a tolerance to any of these I already follow.  What do you like?  Did you have Blogxiety when you started, too?  What inspires your posts?



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11 thoughts on “Blogxiety

  1. I could have written these exact words my first week of blogging, and I could have written it yesterday. Seriously! I’m still overwhelmed with the blogosphere. With the community of people I’ve met, with the incredible content, with the addiction it has become. REALLY become. It is a machine in every sense of the word. I follow more blogs than would ever be humanly possible for one person to have time to read in a week. I read them and am so WOWED I just hit ‘follow’ and then there’s another one I’ll probably never keep up with! I’ve got about 15 that I religiously go back to now, and a few more that grab my interest from time to time beyond that, either with a comment on my blog or with an interesting title on twitter or FB. It’s tough! It becomes like a part time job….that you LOVE.


  2. Love this. I guess I used to get Blogxiety in the beginning. I would go for a walk to try to inspire a post and I would hate it if I didn’t come back with one. The original name for my blog was Sporadic Publication. The name alone gave me permission to write whenever the mood struck. I’ve changed my blog name but kept the behavior. That’s what works for me. I’d prescribe you Chillaxin but I’m not a blog-tor and that prescription doesn’t work for everybody anyway 😉


  3. I have blogxiety all of the time. It can kind of take over if you’re not careful which is great if all you have to do is sit by a computer all day. Have fun with this, lots of good reads out there.


  4. I’m a hardcore addict. I’ve been known to stay up all night chatting with blogging buddies and reading their latests. At first it was scary, but the Blogosphere (the term I know it as) is a beautiful, welcoming, accepting, ADDICTING place. And once you’re hooked, you’re gone for good.

    My Husby once accused me of having an affair with the internet. Not with someone ON the internet – just The Internet. All of it. Apparently. And the worst thing? I was pretty pleased about that…


    • I’m an addict, too. I’ve spent most of the day trying to make my blog look better, and it still looks almost the same. Sigh. I will figure it out…one day…but first, I’m going to read more blogs. Because…well…I’m an addict. Dang!!!


      • I don’t play with mine much – I’m bad at making it prettier – I just write and write and read and read and that’s SO all I have time for.


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